Be The Great Farmer Of Your Life

“You will reap what you sow”, you may have heard that phrase countless times. But have you ever reflected on the implications it can have on your life? You reap what you sow. It is sure that you have listened to that phrase ad nauseam. Me too, but over the years I have discovered that

What Women Find Outside The Home

When we talk about infidelity in marriage, we generally think of men as the main offenders, but what happens when the woman is the unfaithful one? What can we do to take care of ourselves? Culturally and socially, there is the idea that men are the unfaithful in a couple. Currently the reality is different:

Bored Children At Home? Do These Fun Activities

Encourage the development of creativity in your children with these fun activities, so they do not tell you that they are bored. As my father would say: ” A healthy child is one who is naughty. ” Without a doubt, he was quite right, as most children have too much energy. Although parents dedicate all